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Are you curious as to how the crypto ecosystem is impacting the macro economy? And how the macro economy has infiltrated the crypto ecosystem? From a niche concept to a force for change to a political hot potato, the evolution of crypto assets and blockchain technology is becoming more important than ever, for investors, builders, regulators, even for skeptics.

A subscription to Crypto is Macro Now will deliver daily (except for Sundays!) updates on and insight into developments in crypto markets and the macro economy, where they overlap. You won’t find investment advice, nor a rundown of the latest juicy scandal. You won’t hear much about short-term price moves (although sometimes the stories behind them are interesting). You will find thoughts on adoption trends, sentiment shifts, regulatory rumblings and the developing understanding of crypto’s role on the global stage. You’ll also find deeper dives into how the macro markets are shaping the crypto ecosystem, and where this could be heading.

It matters now, more than ever.

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My name is Noelle Acheson. I’ve been writing crypto-focused newsletters for seven years now, first as Head of Research for CoinDesk and more recently as Head of Market Insights for Genesis Global Trading. I’ll be honest, I don’t much care about price moves except for what they say about narrative shifts, and I am not at all interested in technical analysis or trading ideas. I care very much about how crypto developments will influence the markets and economies of tomorrow, around the world.

If you also care, then sign up, follow me on Twitter at @noelleinmadrid, and come find me on LinkedIn.

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The overlap between the macro economy and crypto markets, in both directions


Ex: tradfi, ecommerce entrepreneur, MD Research for CoinDesk, Head of Market Insights for Genesis Trading. I’ve been writing crypto newsletters for 7yrs, and want to continue sharing what I’m learning about crypto, macro and their overlap.